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MoveWithJoy serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in readers as to what inspires me to help others through fitness.

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Gym Hopping

"OH wow look, Joy is working at another gym!" It's no secret to me that people wonder why I "gym-hop" - it doesn't bother me that people...

Embracing the Chill

For most of my life, I had every hour of the day accounted for. My Google calendars were always filled each day with where I need to be,...

Mistakes I’ve made with training

I have an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Acadia. Acadia is #blessed, because we actually learned how to train multiple...

I'm excited, thank you.

I woke up on December 30th so excited and amped for the new year. It was a different feeling. It wasn’t a feeling of hope, but more so a...

What Really Motivates Me

I asked Instagram what they want to read about, and a good chunk of the responses asked about my motivation. I get this question a lot...


In my experience, too many people are going through life moving without intention. They wake up each morning, do their morning routine,...

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