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MoveWithJoy serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in readers as to what inspires me to help others through fitness.


Mistakes I’ve made with training

I have an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Acadia. Acadia is #blessed, because we actually learned how to train multiple different ways/people and actually had real life experiences. I am now a clinical exercise physiologist where I consult with physicians and am currently doing my masters in exercise oncology. What I’m trying to say is, I know my stuff. Although, just because I know my stuff on paper and have had success with my own training and programming for other

I'm excited, thank you.

I woke up on December 30th so excited and amped for the new year. It was a different feeling. It wasn’t a feeling of hope, but more so a feeling of fulfillment. I felt at ease. I felt my mind shift to a new and higher gear. A gear that you know is challenging but you can maintain. A gear that used to be your all out and only felt in short bursts. It felt like, I had unlocked a new level in this game of life. I just felt so good. I never thought I would be able to feel like th

I quit World Gym, so what's next?

About 6 weeks ago I handed in my weeks’ notice to World Gym Dartmouth. I was so scared, so nervous and, so unsure while my fingers typed that letter of resignation. I had only been here for a year and couldn’t help but wonder why I was quitting yet another gym… Am I selfish? Am I being unrealistic? Am I not making the most of out of this job? Am I being ungrateful? These are the thoughts that I had struggled with when making this final decision. Just like when I was at Blende

MoreThanGenetics: Chernise & Melanie

It’s been two months since I posted on this blog and I don’t really have a valid excuse (work got busy, blah blah blah). But I am back baby! My first post back obviously has to be about the MoreThanGenetics Series I started a few months ago. So, like I promised I will be updating you on the great conversations I have had! So far, I have completed Season 1 with 7 amazing conversations. To kick it off, I want to talk about Chernise and Melanie… Chernise Clayton https://www.inst

More Than Genetics

Every new year I write down BIG, but very realistic goals and ideas that I want to accomplish. Very cliché, yes, but I love the thought of manifesting positive changes for my life lol. There isn’t ever a solid time frame; basically, just get it done before new year’s eve, simple. So, with all that said – I will tell you one of these BIG ideas I had. An excerpt from my journal: “This year I want to connect with more black fitness professionals and athletes, workout with them a


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