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5 things the gym has taught me

This past week has not been the greatest. It wasn't until late on a Friday night, mid workout all alone that a few things popped into my head. I have been struggling with finding the same work ethic in the gym that I had while the gyms were closed. But Fridays lift, made me realize the gym has taught me a lot more than I though.

Here are 5 random things the gym has taught me over the years.

1. A second of doubt outweighs a second of belief

An old coach of mine would always say whether you say you can or can’t, you will be right either way. The moment you doubt yourself, is the moment you’ve lost the internal battle. The effort begins to dissipate and you think it’s fine because you have already engrained the notion that this obstacle is too big for you. But when you don’t allow those negative thoughts rule you in the gym, you learn to just lift the weight and to go harder than before.

2. Not every day is going to be great, but it still counts

You know those days where you feel absolutely amazing going into a training session and then your first warm up weight feels like a working set… the worst. Rather than getting all in my feelings, I’ve learned that even though today may not be the day I hit all my prescribed weights, I can still look forward to having proper form, and moving with intention.

This is something that I’ve applied outside of the gym as well. Some days just aren’t it, but you can still put in the effort and make small decisions that will help you continue to grow towards your goals.

3. My biggest competition is me - no one can do it for you!

Playing team sports my whole life, you learn to play your role. You learn to stay in your territory, and that someone else’s job combined with yours is the recipe for success. When it’s just you in the gym, the only way to be successful is to get it all done by yourself. I’ve learned to hype myself up, to compete with no one else but myself. I truly believe one of the greatest feeling is showing up for yourself.

4. How to be vulnerable

I used to only do things I was good at. I hated failing or even the thought of it. For some reason, I had this weird notion that I had to be great at everything for people to take me seriously. The gym has taught me that people like to see you get better. They like to see that not everything comes easy and that a solid work ethic and consistency will yield results.

With social media being highlight reels, we forget that there’s struggle before the wins. We forget about the learning stages. Being able to try new things and step out of my comfort zone in the gym has helped be tremendously do the same outside.

5. Meg, Nicki, Pop Smoke and DaBaby = infinite lung capacity

Just straight facts. But artists like Kehlani, Jazmine Sullivan, Miley and even Sam Cooke have also hyped me up in workouts at some point!

This Weeks Workout!


10 Back Squats

10 Toes to bars OR Knees to elbows

10 Incline DB Bench Press

30y Sled Push

30y Sled Row

30y OH March

100y run

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