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Do I Miss The Gym?

Someone asked me if I missed the gym, my response was easy: no.

But Joy, fitness is like your #brand!!! Exactly, fitness, not the gym. To be honest, I never really get excited to go to a gym or a training facility. And to be REALLY honest, if anything I get anxious. My personality is closer to an introvert. I am quite reserved if you don’t know me well, and I like to keep to myself. I can even worry sometimes about not hitting the prescribed weights in my program or not completing my conditioning workouts within a certain standard.

BUT that does not mean I don’t get excited to train and workout. I love that shit. Although I do worry about not being able to hit certain lifts, it’s the grind that keeps me going. Working out is funny. It’s basically self-inflicted pain (to an extent) where you feel amazing after… interesting.

So no, I do not miss the gym. I am lucky enough to have a barbell, free-weights and other equipment to get in decent lifts at home and I keep myself accountable through social media, my siblings and my friends. I see the gym as privilege.

What people do not understand about me is that fitness is a journey. I’m not competitive enough to be the best or strongest at any one thing. I want to be a well-rounded individual who can run a fast 10k, lift a decent amount of weight and move through a full range of motion until I absolutely cannot anymore. The gyms being closed has let me focus on parts that were neglected. It has taught me to finally listen to my body, to focus on calisthenics and that running isn’t so bad! (did I really say that?).

Anyways, no I do not miss the gym. I am still able to train efficiently 5-6 times a week. I am getting my heart rate up as much as I can am breathing heavy during.

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine – Mike Murdoch

Here is a workout for you to try at home

As Many Rounds As Possible

Run 400m 15 thrusters 10 up-downs 5 inchworms

Repeat for 20 minutes

Enjoy :)

Stay safe,


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