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Fitness Goals During Quarantine?

Building off of last weeks blog, keeping active is very important for your immune system and overall health. I know this is a sensitive time for many people and setting any fitness goals is not even in the picture and that’s OK!

Routine is something I enjoy having in my life and that's why I love doing little challenges every day for an extended period of time. So maybe you aren't setting any short or long term goals, but what about challenge yourself each day?

Here are a few challenges that I have done in the past and a few I plan on doing over the next few months!

1. Run a mile everyday for 31 days straight (honestly, I’m just still so proud I did this LOL)

2. 100 push ups a day

3. Accumulate 10 minutes in a deep squat each day

  • Or 5 minutes straight

4. 50 burpees everyday for 30 days straight

  • Or 50 of anything – I have done assault bike calories, kettle bell swings, pull/chin ups and v-ups

5. Max dead hang 30 days straight

6. Learn to hold a handstand for 10+ seconds (I am following @morganrosemoroney’s program, lol)

7. 20-minute flow for 30 days straight

8. Challenge friends to max kilometers every week (run or walk)

9. Learn all the TikTok moves

The time frame for each one can vary but I like to do challenges for at least 2 weeks and usually top out at a month. Let me know which one you decide to do! I am currently doing #6!

Stay Safe,


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