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How COVID-19 is helping the fitness industry

Okay, I know most people in the fitness industry right now are jobless and probably just applied for EI but hear me out.

When you’re a personal trainer, even for a company, you are self-employed. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid, you don’t eat. Many of these trainers need to live a humble life, just in case something happens; and something did #corona. And at the point when personal trainers should be hustling even harder by selling at-home programs for new and old clients we aren’t – at least not at an absurd price.

Over the last week, there has been an upsurge in free content from local fitness trainers, gyms, and coaches. I have been texting my own client’s daily workouts and modifications, posted 7 daily workouts on Instagram, and continue to make phone and Zoom calls for my clinical patients with no intent of getting paid.

We do it because we know the value of exercise and movement for everyone. We are putting aside the thousands of dollars and hours we have spent on our own continued education, our certifications and workshops. We are devaluing our worth to help you stay sane during these uncertain times. But I truly believe society will see value of trainers soon.

See, we are doing the most right now. We are being creative. We are virtually in all of your homes getting you to workout, sweat and improve your health. We have shown you that being active and getting exercise doesn’t need to be fancy. My own friends and acquaintances who have barely worked out before are out here getting their 30 minutes of moderate-vigorous activity a day! Bruh, we are saving lives (too much? Probably).

But in all seriousness, I believe we have made strides in getting our society to move. And now, with gyms and clinics closed I think the government will see how much we really do for the community. How much we help, how much we are needed and how important we are in maintaining the health among all Canadians.

Take Care,



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