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I quit World Gym, so what's next?

About 6 weeks ago I handed in my weeks’ notice to World Gym Dartmouth. I was so scared, so nervous and, so unsure while my fingers typed that letter of resignation. I had only been here for a year and couldn’t help but wonder why I was quitting yet another gym… Am I selfish? Am I being unrealistic? Am I not making the most of out of this job? Am I being ungrateful? These are the thoughts that I had struggled with when making this final decision.

Just like when I was at Blended Athletics, I grew so much at World Gym. I was surrounded by champions and game changers in the fitness industry. From being challenged each day by Jonnie Shreve and being shocked by how Aaron McDonald’s mind worked when it came to business and numbers is something I will cherish. I was stunned by the pure grind and hustle from body builders and the heart of the owner, Amr Saber. World Gym is just different. It really changed my views on commercial gyms, and I believe it’s on its way to the top!

My time at World Gym was neat because I was able to grow as a personal and group trainer. I never wanted to personal train and it took them months to get me to do it. They knew how I would never be full-time there while working with NSHA so I was allowed to work a mere 15 hours a week. They bent the rules for me and that’s something I really appreciated. In those 15 hours each week, I grew as a ‘general population’ personal trainer and found out that it wasn’t that bad. As I became more confident in my abilities and as my clientele grew, I knew there was more for me… but I also knew I was doing too much.

If you’ve read some of these blogs before then you know I have been working to say ‘no’. I have a terrible habit of taking on too much and spreading myself too thin only to burn out as my schedule continues to fill. I thought I could juggle my NSHA job, school and World Gym. A few things I missed in that equation were my mental health, my physical health, my social life and my real goals. I knew something had to go. So here we are… but there’s more.

As I shut the door on World Gym, I’m cranking the lever to open the door to ProEdge Elite Training, a space where you can work on your brand, your business all while being your own boss. I’ve really only seen myself as my own boss, so this change is obvious, plus it is also co-owned by a friend! So, like #supportyourcircle when you can. I don’t plan on doing any more hours than I did at Worlds, but this will give me the opportunity to continue to sell my expertise and grow my brand, to help the Black Wellness Co-operative thrive and to diminish my MacPass use.

If you, or someone you know, is looking to move without pain, to get stronger, to improve their overall quality of life and don’t want to pay wild prices or be locked in to a long contract, send them my way! I’m pretty excited to start this truly self-employed journey that will help the masses be healthy!

Again, to World Gym Dartmouth… thank you.



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