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Joy's Gym Chronicles: Busby Strength & Conditioning

OK, I am so sorry. I know I keep teasing these... it's been a year, oops! But I swear this will be more consistent. Mostly thanks to Asha Pelly who got the ball rolling again!!

So we are starting off with Busby's Strength & Conditioning located in Bedford.

A little background to start. I first met Pat (owner and trainer) in 2015 when I wanted to improve my strength and conditioning coaching skills during my first summer home from Acadia (keener). At the time, Pat was co-owner of Proedge Sports Conditioning and I really loved training athletes. So I was very excited he and the team agreed to let me shadow and coach over the summer. I learned a lot, met some amazing athletes and brought that back to Acadia the following semester.

Fast forward to 2023, Pat is now running his own private training studio with an impressive clientele. From youth, elite and varsity athletes and the pregnant almost 40-year old mom, his coaching is an ode to sticking to the basics, using the right tools to pull the athlete out of every single person and enhancing performance outcomes. So of course, I was very excited to try this place out! (Plus the owner of my favorite coffee shop goes here and she's strong AF!!!).

Asha and I did Monday night's group training which was a strength day. You may say we are seasoned vets in the gym... not that night! We learned some new moves, challenged our strength but most of all had a wonderful time! On Wednesday, I popped in on the performance day, where we moved fast and focused on hard efforts. Unfortunately, I couldn't make Friday's conditioning class but hope to check it out soon... I heard it's dreadful haha. Check out our IG reel of the strength day here.

With a strength and conditioning background, Pat's programming is something I am familiar with. But his coaching and cueing allows anyone who is not familiar with the gym, working out or programming very easy to follow. I loved hearing from the members how many years they have been training with him, and how no other gyms can compare to not only the programming, but the results and companionship. I felt this too. Going to a new gym, especially small group-training can be scary. Everyone was very nice off the bat, introducing themselves to me and Asha and made us feel like we've also been training with Pat for 5+ years.

From Asha:

"I loved this gym and sad I didn’t have the opportunity to join Joy for a second workout there. Pat and the regular crew were very welcoming. I had one of the better glute focused workouts I’ve had in a very, very long time. Pat was attentive and provided tips throughout the workout. This gym would be great for a group of friends to train together, I definitely recommend!"

The Space:

Some may say it's small, but I loved it. Everything seemed to have a home and I found the classes ran very smooth. There is definitely no where to hide and you will learn that you do not need a lot to have an amazing workout.


I continue to miss the days where I trained like this on the regular, it helped me remember how fun training can be when in the right space surrounded by the right people and the right coaching. I recommend everyone try training with a strength & conditioning coach to really understand what your body can do! Pat has been at this for 10+ years and it shows!


Asha and I both rate this gym 8.5/10!!

Thanks for the great workout, Pat! Lovely meeting your squad and seeing the new place.


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