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Joy's Gym Chronicles: Community Sweat at Crossfit Ironstone

Whaddup, I’m back with another gym review!

I had been eyeing this gym for a while. To be exact, basically every Monday to Thursday since October? It’s right beside Java Blend on North Street, where I grab my affordable americano and oatcake before heading into my lab at the Dickson Centre. #BuyLocal

Anyway, I’m not a Crossfitter but the cool thing about Crossfit is their emphasis on establishing a community. This is something I saw when I worked at Blended but thought it was limited to the amazing crew there. Every Saturday morning, Ironstone offers what they call “Community SWEAT”; a free 40-minute fitness class open to whomever wants to try! Their mission is to improve the well-being of the surrounding community. Something Halifax (and the world) need.

Don’t worry, it’s not a Crossfit class! Community Sweat is meant to accommodate all skill levels, therefore there are no barbells or crazy moves! The workouts are interval/circuit style training and can be in partners or in teams! (A great way to meet people too).

My experience with this gym has been superb. Their classes are a well-rounded, fun, and topped with high-quality coaching. The facility is small, but each space is well managed. Bathrooms and change-rooms are squeaky clean, and the members are super nice!

The only “con” I can think of is the number of people in a class. I believe their max is near 50, so you may feel like you’re working out on top of someone. But they really do a great job of managing a large amount of people!

Overall Rating of the class only: 9.6/10!!

My rating is much higher for this gym/class because of their overall mission of improving the well-being of the community through an affordable (free) way of being active. This is something I’m all about, so I’m happy with this ranking! Check them out!


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