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Joy's Gym Chronicles: Orange Theory Bedford

It’s been awhile since I wrote one of these reviews but I’m back! For now at least..

Since I’ve moved further away from my ‘home’ gym, I’m in the market for a new ‘casual’ gym.

So, I tried Orange Theory Bedford. They had a promotion that gave you two free classes. It’s always been on my radar to try, so when I saw the ad I pulled the trigger and signed up!

Orange Theory is a heart-rate based interval training class that revolves around Rowing, Treadmill and Strength Training. You spend 9.5 minutes in each section and have about 2-3 minutes between sections, so it goes by pretty fast! Its overall goal is to tap into different energy systems to both burn calories in class and for hours after you leave.

In my first class, they gave me a solid 20-minute intro. They explained the heart rate monitors, explained how to row, the different treadmill levels depending on your fitness level or injury and a breakdown of the strength training unit. So, no worries there if you’re new to rowing or the treadmill!

As stated earlier, you’re in each section for 9.5 minutes. The strength section has the exercises on a TV above, but the Coach also demonstrates it all prior. The rowing portion is explained to you prior and typically has an off-rower exercise paired with it. The treadmill intervals are being explained during the workout. The Coach will let you know when to increase the intensity and will let you know when and how to rest.

I had two different Coaches and two completely different workouts. Each workout was challenging in its own way and seemed to fly by! I was most nervous for the treadmill section, but it really is as hard as you make it. The Coaches were full of energy and the music was spot on, which kept you motivated to keep trucking.

The heartrate monitor zones didn’t exactly match up to my real zones, which isn’t a big issue for me because I understand that stuff. Though, if you were not versed in heartrate zones or know your true heart rate it will be a little tricky to know how hard or easy to push it. I didn’t ask how they picked my max heart rates or if they adjust them over time to match fitness adaptations #mybad.

I think Orange Theory is a great way to be active in a class setting for those who are either new to working out, don’t know how to work out alone or just want to supplement their own training once or twice a week. For me, I’d pick the latter, especially with their different pricing options.

The only downfalls I’d give is that it’s tough for the Coaches to be really engaging since everyone is doing something different. So, if you’re that person who needs constant affirmation these classes may not be for you. Another is the abundance of calls, texts and e-mails after a class. Obviously it’s a business and they need feedback so I’m only taking ½ a point away for that!

Overall All Rating: 6.5/10

But hey, try it yourself!

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