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Joy's Gym Chronicles: PUSH Fitness


OKK so life has been wild.. an update on all of that later. Right now, I just want to get into gyms across Nova Scotia and tell you all about them :) First up... PUSH Fitness.

PUSH has been on my radar for a while (like most gyms hehe) but I truly did not know one person who went there. I got lucky and was invited to tag along to a semi-private session with badass Kelly Cousens. Whenever Kelly asks to train, and I am free, I'm there!

PUSH's semi-private training is unique. When I first thought semi-private, I really just thought one trainer, 4 people, 1 workout. That enough brought me in because it turns out I do enjoy training with a coach and others, but it wasn't totally that! When we showed up, our trainer (Leanne, superstar) took myself and Kelly under her strong biceps and led us through an amazing workout. On top of that, she also led another 2 people through their own workouts. If I didn't look up, I wouldn't have known she was also closely coaching 2 other people. Her ability to coach, cue and modify multiple people in different spaces is a skill many coaches have yet to master. I saw these same skills when we went back for another workout and were coached by Nathalie!

I could chat about the workout we did, but honestly it wasn't what made me want to write this review (workouts were fire though). A gym is only as good as the people who run it and the coaches that interact with the members. The owner, Kris, although we only chatted briefly seemed like a very stand-up guy. Some gym owners get caught up in having that perfect image of health and wellness... Kris strolled in proudly with chips and happily accepted alcoholic beverages that were gifted to him. Balance is key. The dynamic between the coaches and other members training was welcoming, familiar, and positive. My favorite part was working out between a 79-year old lady who had had a hip replacement and a middle-aged business man who loved ultimate frisbee. You could tell the members have been there for years and show-up faithfully. Because of that, it was no secret that they are reaping the rewards of proper programming, great coaching and stellar vibes.

Now onto the space...

I must have driven past PUSH a thousand of times without knowing it. Tucked in the North End on Bloomfield St - although small, it fully maximizes the space. With a garage doors, stunning turf, racks, cardio equipments, kettlebells and plates each with their specific home, you already know everything was put there for a reason and serves a purpose.

I am going to give this gym a solid 8.9/10!

Thank you for the great workouts thus far and I can't wait to keep getting my butt kicked on Friday afternoons ;)

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Oritsedere Ikomi
Oritsedere Ikomi
Oct 30, 2022

Thanks Joy! This was an insightful read, now I want to go back for a semi private session 😁.My first time there and I confirm and agree with all you have written. it is an experience at PUSH

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