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Joy’s Gym Chronicles: Queensbury Rules Boxing

Next up on my Gym Chronicles is Queensberry Rules Boxing Studio in the wonderful Downtown Dartmouth! When this gym opened, I was super excited because if you read my last chronicle post, you know I love boxing! I mean, I wouldn’t step into a ring and fight (I have sparred before), but I just love the intricacies of the sport and may have watched the Rocky movies a few too many times…

My first thoughts walking into the gym were “geez, this place is cool!”. Though small, it gives you the fighter experience as soon as you walk into the door. This gym is set up with two sections. One side has the heavy bags and the other is an open ‘ring’ area.

This gym really puts the emphasis on proper boxing technique but also makes sure you’re having a great workout and getting your sweat on too. So, if you just want to punch things and not think about form and precision of your movements, then maybe this isn’t the gym for you. Although they do have a class where you can just punch the bag to the beat of music!

They have many different classes, for all level types. You can come in as a complete beginner or come in and continue your own training because the coaches are LEGIT!! They also have a fight to flow class to incorporate some yoga!

I first tried QRules as a work/team bonding experience. We did a class similar to their Q60 class. A classic fighter’s workout mixed in with a bootcamp style feel. I learned a lot, gained an idea of what it’s like to train like a boxer and finished feeling accomplished. Oh, and definitely sweated enough for a week, lol.

Overall: My experience with QRules was fun! The coach was knowledgeable and really pushed us all to work hard. A downfall would be if you wanted to get a great strength workout in, their equipment is limited. I see this more has a gym that would supplement your training on the side. Unless you really want to be boxer then this is the gym for you!

Rating: 6.9/10!

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Check them out!!

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