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Joy's Gym Chronicles: SpinCo Bedford

*fanfare plays* I, Joy Chiekwe tried SPINCOOOOOO

This review has been a long time coming. I am literally smiling while writing this because I’m excited for you readers to learn about my experience. If you don’t live under a rock, you know that SpinCo has taking over. From #SpinCoHalifax, to #SpinCoBedford and now #SpinCoDartmouth… there is not one woman or man between the ages of 19 and 38 who has not been affected by SpinCo INC. To an outsider, their community may give off cult-like vibes. From the outside you may only see petit white girls yelling Pinterest quotes and bobbing their heads up and down. From the outside, you may wonder how anyone can spin at such high intensities for 45 minutes straight! When I was an outsider that’s exactly how I felt, but I took the big steps to push my assumptions aside and signed up for a month membership.

If I am being honest, I don’t think I would have been comfortable attending a class if Asha Pelly wasn’t an instructor. Back to my presumptions of it’s only for petit white girls, Asha, the only Black instructor allowed me to see a version of myself in the class. I don’t want to take credit away from the other instructors, they’re all great, and the owner also seems to be a very inclusive individual. It’s simply about seeing people who look like you, being represented and holding space. Something we all should be working to improve.

I am fit. I can go the distance when I choose and if SpinCo was simply about cycling your feet it’d be easy. But SpinCo is like Zumba on steroids. It’s a dance party. As you are clipped in, your feet become the pedals and you do your best to stay on beat. This was the hardest part. Being able to match each revolution to the beat and cadence of a song is something I have yet to master. The instructors and long-time riders made it look SO easy, but once you get on the bike it’s a different world. For someone who has OK rhythm, I felt like Julia Stiles dancing to Da Rockwilder in Save The Last Dance. When the instructor said left, I was always on the right. When they said four corners, I just always seemed to be a step behind. But I kept going and with each class you improve a little more.

That’s really the message of SpinCo; 1% better each time. I think that’s why they seem like a cult. They’ve created a community of people who are striving to be 1% better each day, no matter the circumstances. The instructors take you to a place where you can only imagine your best-self. Mix that with the post-class endorphins; then ya, obviously you’re going to see posts about how magical the last 45-minutes were.

So, a cult? Perhaps. But implanting a growth narrative in a riders mind, doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to me…

For the person who is hesitant to try a class here are some things I am glad to share about SpinCo:

1. You’re in the dark. No one can see you and no one is even looking at you. Everyone is looking at the instructor trying to stay on beat.

2. If you can’t get the beat/cadence, just keep moving. Like I said, no one is watching you.

3. Buy-in. The instructors have a gift of making 45-minutes feel like 15-minutes. The words they choose are for a reason, believe in them and you will inherently believe in yourself.

4. Let loose, have fun! You’ll probably know each song they put on so vibe with it!

I am very happy I decided to FINALLY try SpinCo. Besides matching beat it’s a relatively mindless way to be active. For those who hate cardio, you can relate it to a night dancing at Boomers – you can’t feel anything in the moment, but when you leave, you’re sweaty and know you had a great time.

Overall Rating: I am deciding not to give them one. I want you to choose for yourself. But do know I will be in probably once a month ;)

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