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More Than Genetics

Every new year I write down BIG, but very realistic goals and ideas that I want to accomplish. Very cliché, yes, but I love the thought of manifesting positive changes for my life lol. There isn’t ever a solid time frame; basically, just get it done before new year’s eve, simple. So, with all that said – I will tell you one of these BIG ideas I had.

An excerpt from my journal:

“This year I want to connect with more black fitness professionals and athletes, workout with them and conduct an easy-going and fun interview during. IGTV? Youtube?"

I chose this goal for a few reasons. 2020 is the year I get in touch with my roots. I plan on learning more about my Nigerian heritage, as well as African Canadian history. So why would I not include fitness? (It’s my #brand). Looking at the fitness industry, it is very saturated with a certain type of person and physique. Black trainers are not as valued and are scarce in the Halifax region. I want to change that, for a couple of reasons.

#1: black people are not as active as they should be, and are dying from preventable diseases due to sedentary behaviour and improper nutrition

#2: you are more likely to part take in an activity or regimen where you see yourself represented

Therefore: showcase black fitness professionals, get more black people exercising and save lives – well I hope so.

And that’s where my new hashtag, #MoreThanGenetics, comes from. Through this new journey, I also want to break down the idea of people looking and performing a certain way because of their genetics. I want to show that no matter your genetics, you will always have to work and grind to be successful – nothing comes overnight.

Well, with Covid putting a damper on things I wasn’t sure when this would happen. But because I wrote it down, made it a goal to accomplish before year end – I’m doing it!! Virtually of course.

Every Saturday, I will be going on Instagram Live with a black fitness professional or athlete, conduct a short 15-minute interview and follow it up with a workout for viewers to follow along with! For my subscribers who do not have Instagram, no worry! I will update you folk via this blog 😉

The guests I already have lined up are complete studs. Some I know, some I have never met. I am extremely excited to converse with these amazing fitness coaches and for the rest of my Instagram followers to hear their stories, their accomplishments and to also workout with us of course!

So, tune in this Saturday at 1:30pm AST, for my first guest and workout! :)

Stay safe,


Hint: my first guest is a co-owner of a local facility!


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