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MoreThanGenetics: Spencer Boyd & Nikki Martin

Spencer Boyd

Spencer was on my radar from the beginning, so I was super happy I had the chance to have him on for a little bit! Spencer is a former X-men football player turned personal trainer after a significant weight-loss journey where he grew a passion for fitness. Over the last 5 years, Spencer has been working with Goodlife Fitness as an educator and is also working towards his Clinical Exercise Physiologist certification.

In our conversation we spoke upon the harsh reality of the abundance of inactivity and improper nutritional habits that are normalized in the Black community, specifically among men. Spencer opened up about his own family’s health issues that made him truly stick to his health and wellness journey.

Spencer has a love of working with those rehabbing injuries and improving the quality of life of anyone who may be struggling physically.

Make sure to check out the full conversation here:

Nikki Martin

Nikki is a full time Yoga Teacher, a writer AND a lululemon ambassador. She teaches at 4 local studios and her first novel, A Momentary Darkness, was released in 2018 and she’s currently working on her next one!

This conversation left me in awe. Her story of how yoga has had such an impactful change in her overall lifestyle is amazing. The ways she found a safe place when combatting addiction and the ways in which she has impacted others through her practice and teaching is inspiring.

Nikki’s approach to yoga is very personal yet comforting. Her ability to keep you engaged through movement, words and reflection is something that is very hard to explain. She continually spoke about how if something doesn’t serve you then you must find things that do and that how scary yet rewarding practicing yoga really is because you must be 100% OK with sitting with yourself; something we all struggle with but must do.

My words can’t do hers justice. Check out the full conversation here:

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