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I don’t know if this one counts as “gym’ per se, but I went a few times and sweated so I’m going to count it. Today we are talking about: SEVEN BAYS BOULDGERING!

I think I’m scared of heights. Like, I would never rock-climb outside but being in a plane doesn’t scare me, ya know? Anyways, I was SUPER nervous to first try this kind of activity for a few reasons: 1) Free climbing?? K.. 2) I didn’t think I had the necessary upper body strength, and 3) I was scared to completely suck at it, lol.

My first impression of Seven Bays was ‘hipster galore’. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like Gottigen Street has been hit with some different kind of gentrification that kind of makes you feel bad but good at the same time, idk. Location wise, this place seems pretty prime for their daily customers (that was judgmental AF). The overall facility is dope. Want to just study or grab a coffee? That’s THE place to be!

Alright into the real stuff:

So, my first time there, I had gone with my sister’s boyfriend’s sister, Megan (now say that five times). She’s pretty into it so I felt comfortable tagging along. To be honest, I don’t think I would have ever gone alone. Being it my first time, the staff did give the run-down on how things worked and informed me about their beginner classes – but I never made it to one, oops.

Quickly I found out that bouldering isn’t all upper body strength – lower body is just as, maybe even more, important. I am not scared of heights, just falling and visualizing is key. I think my favorite part of my times bouldering was talking and strategizing with the veterans. Watching them climb and manipulate the walls to reach the top was kind of mesmerizing. Time actually flew by, it was crazy.

For those who are thinking of going here are some things I wish I knew before, so I wasn’t so scared/nervous hahah.

- The rocks are color coated by difficulty and you stick to the same color rock all the way up wall! I literally thought you just had to climb the damn wall, lol #dumb

- Bouldering shoes and chalk are a necessity. You can rent them / they come with a week intro pass.

- Watch and ask questions! Everyone there is SOOO friendly and will help guide you up the wall and give you tips.

- They do have a separate area for weight training. I didn’t use it because I just wanted to climb!

The only downfall I can think of is how busy it can get. But you're going to want a break between climbs any 'cause your forearms will be on fire.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Maybe I will try out some of the classes and re-do this rating. But overall the facility was super nice, people were friendly, and it was another awesome way to be active! I recommend!


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