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Joy's Gym Chronicles: RStudios

First up on my gym chronicles is the marvelous RStudios! I was first introduced to these gyms through my friends Bailey and Ranelle who raved about their experiences here. RStudios is super cool because under your one membership you get access to 3 different locations – each location having their own theme and different style of classes. I tried out each location and a hand full of classes and here are my thoughts!


Rio was the first location I visited. The classes they have are variations of yoga, barre, pilates and something called spring towers?

My first impressions when I walked in was “I’m too poor to be a part of this community” because it’s unrealistically nice in there. Although it is in the North End – it had a downtown New York, posh vibe going on.

The first class I tried was a Pilates class and BRUH that shit was hard AF but SUPER fun! I thought I was kind of fit, but I was obviously wrong. I then tried a barre class, and again that shit was hard AF but fun! The instructors were amazing, the music was riveting, and the atmosphere was incomparable.


Rebel’s classes are like Rio’s with an addition of Boxing and Strength classes. I only tried the boxing classes because I wanted to get my heart rate up and sweat a lot – which I accomplished easily with this class. I did a few classes and had the same instructor and he was bomb. The choice of music was superb, the lighting made you feel like a badass and there was no slacking (he made sure of that)! The cool thing about this class is that you don’t have to know how to box to get a good workout in.


OK so Rogue was my favorite. Think garage gym with some 'pizzazz'. The classes here are more circuit style and focus on strength and cardiovascular training. I did the Kettlebell class (Hells Bells) and North End Circuit, both of which kicked my butt. Again, the instructors were bomb, music on point and vibes were dope.

Overall: My experience with RStudios was overall great. They have a superb variety of ways to get your body moving and an excellent team of instructors. OH! And they pass out cold towels during the cool-down #Clutch. I encourage you to try each location at least once. A downfall for me would be the lack of showers/shower space. If you wanted to workout before work or shower when you are done that’s not happening. Another downfall, although not a huge deal, is how spread out the locations are. They do have locations in prime spots but having it all under one roof would be cool too.

My Rating: 8.2/10!!

Check them out!

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