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Welcome back!

In this one I want to give a bit more of a background of #MoveWithJoy, what this blog means to me and why I think it’s needed.

In 2019, I stepped out of my comfort zone in ways I never thought I would. (I want to thank Jason Davis from Blended for the push!!) During, this stop-over to the unknown I realized many things. One included teaching and writing. I really enjoyed the process of educating others on exercise science in lay-terms. For the longest time I told myself I hate writing, but then it came to be that I actually just hate writing research papers (I’m starting my research-based masters in September, so that’ll change…hopefully). As I posted more knowledge translation on my Instagram page, I then moved to writing for the Chronicle Herald which opened another door to an unknown zone of #WellnessWithJoy. For time, I was ecstatic to be educating the public through my local newspaper, but that light quickly dimmed. I felt pressured to cater to a specific population and felt that my authenticity was being challenged as I caught myself citing and using scientific jargon as if I was back in school. All I really wanted was to inform the public in a similar way that I do with my friends, family and patients.

#MoveWithJoy is meant to captivate the realness of physical activity and exercise. I am not here to cater to one population or to tell you what to do and how to do it. My goal is to supply you with quality information to improve your overall quality of life through fitness – and sometimes it will not be pretty. If I am completely honest, working out, being active eating well and limiting your sedentary time is not easy and is not always fun. I am not trying to be an ‘influencer’ or anything of that sort. I just really think there is a missing voice in the healthcare industry that needs to be heard.

So no, you will not be getting a ’10 best exercises to grow your booty’ or a ’10-week summer shred guide’ from me (unless you want to pay me, I am happy to program for you, LOL #shamlessplug #wearenotworkingforfreein2020). You will be getting my honest thoughts, rants and advice on real things that matter. I will explore workout styles (and review them), how to decrease certain health risks, how to exercise with a specific condition and SO much more. #MoveWithJoy is here for the real-ass people who just want to live better and move better (maybe laugh a little) because if you can do that, everything else kind of just falls into place.

Live well, live long.


Ps: if you made it to the end of this post, subscribe to my blog because I will be sending out a list of my go-to conditioning workouts this week!!

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