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I'm excited, thank you.

I woke up on December 30th so excited and amped for the new year. It was a different feeling. It wasn’t a feeling of hope, but more so a feeling of fulfillment. I felt at ease. I felt my mind shift to a new and higher gear. A gear that you know is challenging but you can maintain. A gear that used to be your all out and only felt in short bursts. It felt like, I had unlocked a new level in this game of life. I just felt so good.

I never thought I would be able to feel like this at this age, or even during a global pandemic. I always thought I could only feel true fulfilment went I hit my 30s. An age that I associated with career goals, self-confidence and awareness, loving relationship/husband and financial freedom. Things that society has told me I would have by then. Then you listen to people in their 30s talk and you wonder hmmm maybe, I shouldn’t wait that long.

I believe this waking feeling of fulfillment was sparked by a year of reflection and having meaningful conversations daily with people I admire, respect and hold close. I learned to take a step back and find peace in every moment of my days, in every interaction and to make note of how experiences made me feel. I finally started allowing myself to feel. To feel raw emotion, to understand it and to further explore it. And although I don’t cry easily, the moments that have brought me close to tears were moments of joy for those around me.

2020 taught me a lot. A lot about the world, a lot about myself and a lot about those around me. The last 12 months taught me how important it is to have security in the things that you value. It taught me that anything can change in the matter of minutes and there is always a solution even when you feel defeated.

I really am excited for 2021. I wrote what I want to accomplish and steps to achieve it. I’m excited for the people around me, individuals in my close circle and those who may no longer be in it. I think 2021 will be the year we all take that next step in life, a step closer to fulfilment, a step closer to our end goals.

If you made it this far, I want to say thank you. It’s been a year since I started this blog, and the feedback has been unreal. I truly didn’t expect anyone to read these. I promise to write more frequently, to share my story and help others share theirs because I now understand how important it is. If you’re wondering if you should take that risk, please do it. It’s always worth it because growth is inevitable when you choose the path less chosen.

Check ya later,

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