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Unfollow that "Fitness Model" - A Rant?

You ever search “#fitnessmotivation” on Instagram? I did. The first 24 pictures are girls in full Gymshark et al, outfits. You know the one. Hot-pink or baby-blue leggings with matching sports bras – doing that same full mirror pose that shows off that they can ‘look back at it’ while hyper-extending their knee #BootyGains?? If this is you, my bad… don’t @ me.

That really isn’t my issue. Social media is cool because you can flaunt your #BootyGains and make $1000 without leaving bed #entrepreneur. My real issues arise from their shitty workouts, shitty form, lack of functionality and how it all translates to the real world. “They’re not all shitty Joy!” Obviously, I know that, chill. But like go run a mile or something, then do it daily for 31 days straight.

A lot of people go to the gym for different reasons. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it’s because they want to look better but not necessarily feel or move better. I am 100% bias by the way. I was first introduced to the gym through sport. We worked out so we would be in shape to perform. That was basically it. No cable kick-backs, no weird pulsing, and we definitely didn’t lift light. I didn’t even touch a machine until 3rd year university?? Even now I use a handful. Anyways, my teammates looked BOOOOOOMB on the beach still.

What I am really trying to get at is that the commercial gym can be a scary place these days. It has become a fashion show and a starring contest. Some people seem to be more obsessed with whether they need Air Pods or Beats to get the full effect of their leg day or making sure they get the right angle for their IG story (Uh Joy, YOU do that? Girl, I know – it’s my #Brand). What you should be obsessed with is your freaking form, your strength and can you do a push up? How about a chin up?

In your next workout, try to apply it to life. “Will this help me pull a branch off my friend?” “What if I slip and need to hold onto a ledge 30ft in the air for 43 seconds???” “You’re 21 minutes late to your bffs wedding and need to run to the venue that is 4km away – can you run or are you guys no longer friends?”

Writing this informally is not my forte. It’s unorganized, unedited and unfiltered. But these are my current thoughts and I had fun so I will definitely do it more!!


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