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Balancing happy hour and the gym

Hot Take: It's hard!

The summer has always been a tough time for me to stay dedicated to the gym. The gym has always been a fun hobby I had, or a way of self-care; but in the summer that goes out the window. During this time, I typically do not follow a workout program as I give myself room to be inconsistent due to travel, social plans and events. This takes the pressure off me to perform a certain way helping me to look forward to going to the gym.

But with no travel or big events happening, what is my excuse to be inconsistent? Social plans. I’m not proud to admit it, but it’s the truth. Every weekend, one or two group chats, filled with my closest friends, are popping off about which patio we’re going to. Me, with no backbone, joyfully hops onto these plans without question. Weekend after weekend, I guzzle down my fair share of G&T’s and bottles of Rosé like I live in the Hamptons. I won’t lie, I have fun every single time. But the fun ends immediately when my eyes open the next morning and my planned workout reminder pops up on my iPhone or I check my bank account.

Like I said, I used to give myself room to mess up in the summer. For some odd reason I didn’t this year. I committed to a workout and nutrition plan. At the moment, my WHY was very clear. I wanted to transform my body and do a complete 180 with my training. This would give me more insight on different training styles so I could help people in a different way. At the time it made sense. I chose to take the body-building route because I’ve bashed it for years and only spoke highly about functional training. It wasn’t until a workout with IFBB Pro Jonni Shreve where I thought, “hmmm this is actually interesting” – hence the commitment.

Well, I was wrong about my ability to balance summer #drinks and the gym. I thought I could stick to a meal plan and a vigorous exercise routine, get results and still go out on the weekend. I am not a big drinker at all... well unless its July – August #LEOSEASONBABY, but I still struggled. At first, I would beat myself up about it. I began staying in and experienced crazy amounts of FOMO. I was performing well in the gym, but I hated training. I knew I had to change it up.

I reassessed my WHY. Why did I want to train that way? Why did I want to change my physique? Why the sudden need for commitment during a period I had never committed to the gym before.

It was time to start taking my own advice. To experience all the experiences I can, to have quality of time with my friends and family and to not take the gym so seriously – especially in the summer. The gym is always going to be there.

So, how did I finally create balance. I’m not sure I have.

Currently, I’m giving myself the weekends off from the gym. I plan to work out every morning and to do it with friends as much as I can. I have giving myself a new start date (September 7th) to get back on track and until then I’m not taking anything too seriously.

So don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen off this summer too. Or even if you haven’t been able to get back on the horse since COVID hit. Put yourself first. Have fun and if the gym falls into your schedule then go, but only if it’ll be fun!


*drinking does not = fun, but at 24 responsible drinking is fun.

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